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Updates about COVID-19

Due to the recent developments of COVID-19 and the update from Hockey New Zealand to all Associations in NZ – NZ Maori Hockey Kaunihera sends the following message and update to all our Maori hockey players and whanau.

Queensland tours – (usually early November)

  • The current NZ Government rules has blocked all travel coming into the country. We are unsure of what will be happening at that time of the year but there is a lot of effort going on behind the scenes for these tours to continue as planned.
  • Most Marae are under lockdown which is one of our focal points in giving a real experience to our visitors.
  • All international matches overseas has been cancelled by Hockey NZ and we can only go month by month until we know what is happening with COVID-19.
  • An alternative could be Internal tours. If Associations have turf available, we will definitely look at options for our NZ Maori Hockey teams
  • In the meantime the Kaunihera will discuss these matters over the next few months and we will be in a better position to understand next steps and communicate updates to all rohe.

2020 Maori Hockey plans around Tournaments

  • We carry on business as usual to run a tournament in October Labour weekend. Should this need to change due to the impacts of COVID 19, we will update all rohe – in discussion with the host rohe – as information comes to hand.

In hindsight we want our whanau to take care and listen to your local health organisations, your hockey associations and more importantly look after your whanau.

Hockey NZ website COVID-19

Noho ora mai


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