Tournament Draw

NZ Maori Hockey Tournament 2020 Draw Final

NZ Maori Hockey Tournament 2020 Draw Final (Colour)

UmpiringUmpire to Draw Allocations
Tournament BookletTournament Booklet
Tournament Venue

Gallagher Hockey Centre

Queens Ave, Frankton

Hamilton New Zealand

Tournament Dates23-26 October 2020
Tournament HostWaikato-Maniapoto Maori Hockey
Tournament ControllerRichard Baggs
Administrator ManagerPhil McConnell (021 772 942)
Umpires ManagerMarley Macpherson (027 847 7768)
Organising Committee

Chairperson: Scott Woolf (027 449 1414)

Secretary: Ethan Hohneck (021 118 2109)

Treasurer: Phil McConnell (021 772 942)


There are 2 changing rooms at the hockey grounds.  1 for tane and 1 for wahine.  It is suggested that team talks take place outside of the change rooms as there will potentially be an overlap sometimes even though the games are staggered on each turf.

There is also a new hockey field painted on the floor of the changing rooms which you can use to strategise your upcoming game.

Please consider other teams when preparing for games.

The car park at the Gallagher Hockey Centre is generally for cars, however you there is a Mini-van parking area and a Bus Drop-Off Zone.

If you are bringing a Bus to tournament this year please view the Bus Parking Map.

Tournament Bus Parking

Tournament Parking

Firstly, ALL players MUST have Maori ancestry / bloodlines to represent any rohe as a player at National Maori Hockey Tournament.

To play for a particular rohe, the following criteria must be met:

  • You can play for the rohe you whakapapa back to; or
  • You can play for the rohe you are currently registered for club hockey; or
  • You can play for the rohe for which you first played your first National Maori Hockey Tournament for

If a player wants to play for another rohe and does not meet the above three criteria, they MUST seek permission from the rohe in which they are registered to be released to another team. Permission can be granted by that rohe only if the player does not have any outstanding debts with their rohe or hockey association. The player must also not have any current or pending disciplinary action against them in the process.

There is no age limit and it is at the discretion of the Rohe whether they permit them to play.  Please note that if it is younger players instead of adults it could become a danger factor for them.  They are to be advised that it is a Senior Tournament.

Yes, as long as you follow the NZ Maori Hockey Constitution which has a number of guidelines stating how players can play for other Rohe.

For more information contact

There will be a Powhakangahau on the evening of Sunday 25 October 2020 where Rohe perform.  All Rohe are expected to attend this event and perform e.g. waiata, haka, some sort of skit.  This event will be alcohol free.

NZ Maori Hockey are always happy to help you with the correct information regarding funding.  For example you can get a letter from NZ Maori Hockey confirming you are affiliated to NZ Maori Hockey which will help you when applying for funding grants.

You can register 20 players maximum per team. There is a maximum of 16 field players on any given game card unless you have 2 Goal Keepers then you can have 16 field players and 2 Goal Keepers on the card.

NZ Maori Hockey will confirm the Team Registraton fees and dates shortly and then invoice each Rohe the total amount.

Your Rohe will let you know the cost for tournament per player.

There is no official catering although we are trying to source a meal for the Powhakangahau. There will be a bar/café inside the pavilion opened during tournament hours.

The standard takeaway places are about 500 meters from the turf e.g. Wendys, Burger King, McDs, KFC.

There will also be a Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser at the ground where you can purchase food.  This is subject to availability.