Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of NZ Maori Hockey is to provide a healthy environment for all associated with NZ Maori Hockey via:

  • Vision – To realize the potential, excellence & success of NZ Maori Hockey
  • Values – To nurture tikanga Maori & whanaungatanga
  • Strategic Direction – To promote and develop all aspects of NZ Maori Hockey
  • Key Measures – To measure key performance outcomes


The Aims of New Zealand Maori Hockey (Te Haupoi Maori o Aotearoa) are:

  1. To provide all players with the opportunity to excel and develop to their potential.
  2. To offer the widest opportunities for all to participate at the highest level in Hockey.
  3. To provide a healthy social environment for all associated with Maori Hockey.
  4. To encourage all aspects of Maoritanga – (karakia, karanga, korero, waiata, haka, whanaungatanga) in accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi.


The Objectives of New Zealand Maori Hockey (Te Haupoi Maori o Aotearoa) are:

  1. To provide an opportunity for all people of Maori ancestry who are interested in playing hockey, irrespective of age, ability or gender.
  2. To provide all Maori with the opportunity to participate in hockey while increasing an awareness of their cultural background.
  3. To provide opportunities and encourage participation in all aspects of hockey.
  4. To encourage the development of hockey throughout Aotearoa for all Maori.
  5. That each Rohe host the National Maori Hockey Tournament in a sequential order.
  6. To promote National and International Maori Hockey competition within Aotearoa:
    1. controlling National Maori Hockey tournaments and other similar competitions
    2. provide the Maori teams with the opportunity to compete in Aotearoa or overseas.
  7. To administer and implement the affairs of New Zealand Maori Hockey (Te Haupoi Maori o Aotearoa).
  8. To be the Court of Appeal as provided under Rule 24.2.