Kaumatua Joy & Kahu Ripia retire

It is with great sadness as well as great joy to be wishing both Kahu and Joy Ripia farewell from their long standing roles as Chairperson and Secretary of the NZ Maori Haupoi Kaunihera.

Kahu has been Chairperson a number of times over the past 20 years and steered the ship very well.  People often wonder what a Chairperson does and are often surprised when they learn exactly what is involved in running an organisation like NZ Maori Haupoi.  It is about relationship building, managing people, public speaking in both English and Te Reo, showing up to all events, taking teams overseas for competitions, being the face of NZ Maori Haupoi, the list goes on.  Kahu has done it all and done it very well.  You have set the bar for the future and your legacy will stand tall as you do.

Joy has been the Secretary for a number of years now, standing beside her husband and “partner in crime” as well as supporting a couple of other Chairperson’s as they came and went.  People may refer to the Secretary role as a simple job to just take minutes in a meeting.  Oh how wrong you would be to assume that.  For years now Joy has been assisting Rohe host the NZ Maori Haupoi Tournaments, documenting teams information, minutes, agendas, scheduling all kinds of meetings, organising venues for meetings and fixtures, liaising with teams intending on playing NZ Maori, organising overseas trips for our national teams, the list goes on.  Certainly not an easy job, yet Joy has been the heart and soul of NZ Maori Haupoi year after year.  You will be greatly missed Joy however we know you won’t be far from the hockey action.

Ka pai Kahu and Joy for your mahi and service.  We wish you the all the best.


NZ Maori Haupoi Life Members

On the evening of the Powhakangahau, at the NZ Maori Haupoi Tournament 2019, two special individuals were inducted as Life Members of NZ Maori Haupoi.  Jubilee Irimana from Waiariki and Josie Morete from Te Tairawhiti.

Jubilee has been in and around hockey for decades now and as well as many other sports.  Living in Rotorua sure does provide many opportunities for Jubilee to partake in numerous hockey events.  You can often see him down beside a hockey turf with his camera taking snaps of players.  Congratulations Jubilee.

Josie Morete is the godmother of Te Tairawhiti hockey and beyond.  She has ties to so many Rohe simply through her relationships and generosity around sharing her knowledge of maori hockey.  Congratulations Josie.

Maori Hockey is truly blessed to have both Josie and Jubilee as Life Members.


Tri-Series Tamaki Taitokerau Waikato

Today was a great day for 3 Maori hockey rohe, hosts Tamaki Makaurau, Taitokerau, and Waikato-Maniapoto.  The event was held at Kolmar Park in Papatoetoe which is right in the middle of all 3 rohe.  The intent of the Tri-Series was to give players who may not be playing at next weeks tournament a taste of Maori Hockey in 2019.  We had all “walks of life” today, young, oldish, and plenty in the middle.  The age range was 13 to 55, so a great effort by all.

Each rohe had a mix of their A and B team players where possible with the focus on developing the B players and integrate them with the more experienced A players.  There were no trophies today. No winners or losers.  Just experience, fun, hockey, and growth in our game.

This initiative is driven by a handful of keen administrators for the 3 rohe, Tracey Edmonds, Boss Edmonds, Gail Ambler, Margi Kay, Scott Woolf, Phil McConnell, and Ethan Hohneck.  Passion and determination at the heart of every organisation, ka pai whanau.


Planet Hockey Photos

Tamaki-Makaurau Wahine vs Taitokerau Wahine

Waikato-Maniapoto Tane vs Taitokerau Tane



Tri-Series Waikato vs Tamaki vs Taitokerau

On Sunday 20th October  at Kolmar Park Papatoetoe there will be a Tri-Series between Waikato-Maniapoto, Tamaki Makaura, and Taitokerau.  As teams finalise their A Teams for tournament it’s ideal that neighboring Rohe battle off against each other.

Games start at 9:00 a.m. and go all day.   Come on down and support teams.

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Tri-Series Draw

Team Vs Team Ground Time
Tamaki-Makaurau vs Tai Tokerau Wahine 9am
Waikato-Maniapoto vs Tai Tokerau Tane 10am
Waikato-Maniapoto vs Tai Tokerau Wahine 11am
Tamaki Makaurau vs Tai Tokerau Tane 12pm
Waikato-Maniapoto vs Tamaki-Makaurau Wahine 1pm
Tamaki Makaurau vs Waikato-Maniapoto Tane 2pm

Match Information

Age Group Format Break Total Time
Senior Players 25 minute halves 5 minutes 60